Take a winter hike in Wildschönau

The Wildschönau is not a classic winter sports resort in the traditional sense, but an insider tip for families and winter hikers. The region at the foot of the Kitzbühel Alps offers a wide range of options, especially for families. Winter hiking has also spread in the Wildschönau and offers its guests a comprehensive network of trails.

Snowshoeing Wildschönau Tirol

If you like to hike in the summer, you'll really love snowshoeing. On Trappers snowshoes you can walk cross country and with the crunching snow under your feet you will feel nature first hand. In the beautiful Wildschönau you will walk tours that you can discover completely on your own.

  • Adlerhorstrunde
  • Schönanger
  • Sonnbergrunde
  • Markbachjoch Kasalm
  • Thierbacher Kogel
  • Guided Hike Zauberwinkl

Winter hiking in the Wildschönau

More than 40 kilometers of regularly cleared winter hiking trails meander through the Wildschönau, from which numerous paths lead past our hotel. One of the most beautiful tours is certainly the "Franziskusweg", named after St. Franz of Assisi. It sounds almost cheesy - but we also love to hike through the snow-covered landscape and feel the clear mountain air on our face.

  • Franziskusweg
  • Schönanger Kundlalm
  • Night Hiking in Oberau 
  • Night Hiking in Niederau 
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