A Summer in the hiking paradise Wildschönau


Now just imagine: you wake up and hear ... NOTHING. Maybe a few birds are chirping. The first rays of sun are looking for the way over the mountain peaks, while you gently wake up and you know one thing: Another wonderful day is ahead of you.

After a wonderful breakfast you can go out into the mountains or on your bike. Take your little ones to the top with the gondola or decide for a sporty hike from the valley up to the summit. Once at the top, peace and quiet again ... maybe a few cows, the view of the grandiose peaks of the Kitzbühel Alps. Enjoy the wonderful delicacies that are offered in the many alpine pastures.

When you return to the hotel, the pool awaits you either indoors in the hotel or in the spacious garden area in the outdoor area of ​​the Hotel Sonnschein. In the evening an enjoyable menu, maybe a digestif on the terrace or a candlelit glass for two on the terrace and you hear ... NOTHING again. Maybe a couple of crickets chirping against each other. It will be the best summer, a summer like it was back then.



The Wildschönau is situated on a high valley and you can still find the typical cultural landscape: the alpine pastures, the gentle hills and the snow-covered meadows are popular destinations for excursions with a guaranteed recreational factor for locals and guests alike.

Here in this high valley you can experience Tyrol up close and with living culture. Many things are still as they were in the past and are carefully passed on to the next generation. Enjoy a break from everyday life and be surprised how wonderfully relaxed a holiday can be. 

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