The wild beautiful "Au"

A true of piece of the Tyrol

The Wildschönau is a place you have to love. Empress Maria Theresa meant well back then when she granted the mountain farmers the right to distil schnapps. Krautinger - a distillate of the Wildschönau stubble beet has a unique taste and can work wonders as a stomach bitter. 

But the Wildschönau is also a place that has always retained its beauty. More than 260 mountain farms characterise the landscape. We people who live here see ourselves as the antithesis to nearby Kitzbühel. Herewith us, in summer and winter, things are deliberately a little slower, gentler, less noisy and less shrill. This also makes the Wildschönau an insider tip for Tyrolean lovers. 

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Once you reach the top, you will enjoy one thing: a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains.

Places to see in the Wildschönau

Paradise for paragliders

The unique microclimate makes the Wildschönau one of the safest flying areas in Europe. Flights can be made practically on almost 300 days a year. The Wildschönau flight school is a partner at the Hotel Harfenwirt and accompanies our guests through their paragliding training.


Welcome to the world of herbs

Preserving old traditions and breaking new ground at the same time. Birgit Haas took over the Hintersalcherhof from her parents over 25 years ago and has built a true herbal paradise over the years. The herb garden is located at 1030 m above sea level, on an area of 700 m². Today, the farmer's wife processes the herbs and blossoms into different kinds of tea. The garden can be visited in summer.

The Kundler Klamm (gorge)

The Kundler Klamm is one of the most beautiful natural gorges in Austria. The hike leads past meadows and forests and 200 m high steep rock faces impress with thundering masses of water. According to legend, the Wildschönau was once a lake and a terrible dragon lived here. With a trick, the farmers managed to wound the dragon. The little ones can solve the mystery at the Dragon Club. 

Don't miss this too

When you go on a journey, you have a lot to tell. Especially if you have travelled to the wonderful "wild and beautiful Au". But there is also a lot to discover and explore outside the Wildschönau and we highly recommend a visit: 

  • Rattenberg - the smallest town in Austria is also known as the glass town.
  • Kitzbühel - the legendary Gamsstadt is also worth a visit in summer
  • Innsbruck - Tyrol's capital has a lot to offer 
  • Explore Achensee with the MS Achensee 

Ask Herbert Thaler when you arrive. He always has a special tip ready. 

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