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Herbert Thaler & the Harmony Hotels

A unique specimen in the Wildschönau

Herbert Thaler remembers his childhood fondly, especially the time he spent with his mother Susanne. Already at the tender age of six, the young lad supported his mother at the Gasthof Bichlwirt and got a taste of inn air. Herbert probably inherited hospitality, diligence and perseverance from his mother, and the drive "for more" definitely from his father. 


With the family in the background

Herbert Thaler is not only a passionate restaurateur, but also a family man. Together with his siblings, who all work in the different businesses, they manage to build up a small empire in the Wildschönau. Above all, to continue the great work of their grandparents and parents. Looking to the future is at least as important to all of them as learning from the past. After all, the businesses should be fit for the future and meet the demands of the times.

Additions, renovations, enlargements: Building is one of Herbert Thaler's greatest passions. So far in his life he has managed countless construction sites and never lost the "desire" for it. Loyal suppliers and long-time companions - not only Herbert Thaler builds on this, but also the success of Harmony Hotels. 


Harmony Hotels - Wildschönau

Hotel Harfenwirt
Gasthof Bichlwirt
Hotel Sonnschein

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